Engaging Hearts and Minds Through Global Service-Learning

It is important for students to not only learn basic skills and content knowledge, but also qualities of civic virtue and community responsibility.  Using global service-learning as an educational tool has allowed Appleseed Expeditions to engage students into communities and make their involvement a powerful learning experience.  Appleseed Expeditions is passionate about building programs that help students discover a clear vision for their lives.  Below are some of the impacts that global service-learning programs have on students.  Students who engaged in service-learning programs…

  • Showed an increase in measures of personal and social responsibility, communication, and sense of educational competence (Weiler, LaGoy, Crane, and Rovner, 1998).
  • Were more likely to increase their sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy (Shaffer, 1993).
  • Enjoyed helping others with projects, became more dependable to others, and felt more comfortable communicating with ethnically diverse groups (Loesch-Griffin, Petrides, and Pratt, 1995).
  • Increased their GPA and test scores in reading, language arts, and math.  They were also less likely to drop out of school (Supik, 1996; Rolzinski, 1990).
  • Improved problem-solving skills and increased interest in academics (Stephens, 1995).
  • Developed positive work orientation attitudes and skills (Weiler, LaGoy, Crane, and Rovner, 1998).
  • Reported gaining career skills, communication skills, and in increase in career exploration knowledge (Berkas, 1997; Billig, Jesse, Calvert, and Kleimann, 1999).
  • Showed an increase in the degree to which they felt aware of community needs, believed that they could make a difference, and were committed to service both in the present and the future (Melchior, 1999; Berkas, 1997).
  • Increased their political attentiveness, political knowledge, and desire to become more politically active (Morgan and Streb, 1999).
  • Felt they had made a positive contribution to the community (Melchior, 1999; Billig and Conrad, 1997; Scales and Blyth, 1997)
  • Developed a more sophisticated understanding of socio-historical contexts, were likely to think about politics and morality in society, and were likely to consider how to affect social change (Yates and Youniss, 1996;1998).

These impacts help shape students in the areas of personal and social development, academic learning and career aspirations, and civic responsibility.  The positive impacts of global service-learning on our students are far too numerous to cover in this post.  We would love to have you and your students join us on one of our programs to experience them yourself!  Appleseed Expeditions’ programs are designed to help students grasp a vision for their life and allow them to discover their strengths, passions, and talents outside of the classroom setting.  Please feel free to contact us for any additional information regarding our programs.  Thank you for your time and interest in the benefits of service-learning.


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