Exploring the Value of Field Trips

Field Trips are more than just a break from a routine; they are highly anticipated experiences that allow students to apply their lessons learned in the classroom to the real world. Whether it involves spending a week in a far away city or taking a half-day getaway to a state park, the school outing will most likely be the most memorable experience for the students all year.

Class trips are highly beneficial for a students’ academic career. When they are removed from the competitive pressures of the classroom and are forced to relax their minds, this opens up a learning environment to challenge them in a fresh way. When students attend a field trip outside of their normal routine of formal instruction, they have the ability to see an even greater joy in education than they may find in a classroom.

Personal experiences through field trips will stimulate enthusiasm by reinforcing the printed material covered in class. Teachers can explain theoretical concepts using real life examples, thus enhancing the understanding of classroom lessons. By taking a trip to Crystal River and observing manatees, students will be more active in their quest to protect these endangered species. Visiting Ford Theater in D.C. will bring the assassination of President Lincoln to life.

Another important aspect is the bonding experience that takes place between peers and between students and teachers. A field trip allows students to connect to their classmates on a more personal level. By participating in group activities and experiences, the kids can also develop a sense of pride in their school and classmates. School outings can be a rewarding experience for an educator, allowing them to understand their students’ personalities and interests. Moreover, the kids will see their teacher in a new light and will encourage students to build a strong relationship with their teacher.

Field trips bring numerous benefits to the student. Stepping outside the classroom will reassure them of the importance of good behavior and showing their proper manners in a professional setting. Observing their environment rather than simply learning about it, will allow students to gain a better understanding of their community and become a more active citizen. Trips may also spark an interest in a new hobby or future profession. All in all, field trips represent a creative teaching method that takes students out of the familiar class environment and allows them to experience new and exciting things.

Do you have a desire to partner with Appleseed Expeditions for your next field trip? Many educators participate in class science trips that inspire marine conservation or history trips to bring textbooks to life. Through education, service and adventure, groups are able to receive a well-rounded trip full of learning, inspiration and fun! For more information or to sign up for an educational tour, call Appleseed at (877) 889-7150 or visitwww.AppleseedExpeditions.com.


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