Resources for Your Next Field Trip

Interested in planning a field trip but don’t know where to begin? Fortunately, you’re not alone. Many teachers struggle with the seemingly overwhelming task of planning a trip for their students, but this need not overwhelm you anymore!

Below you will find a compilation of resources for your next class trip:


• “A Guide to Great Field Trips” (Kathleen Carroll)

This guide explores how to use field trips to increase student learning and practical aspects such as safety, transportation, permissions, and chaperones.

• “Informal Learning and Field Trips” (Leah M. Melber)
The author shows teachers how to incorporate informal learning techniques to off-site learning experiences and provides guidelines for corresponding classroom activities.

• “Tips for Trips” (Andy Leeder)
This unique guide to school trips is particularly useful to newly qualified teachers as it addresses the school trip from all angles, leaving no subject untouched.


Do not underestimate the resources the Internet has readily available. With tips for nearly every location you can imagine, the Internet will supply you with an insiders view from those who have lived or vacationed in any particular spot. Though you should be cautious in trusting all the information provided, the majority of posts will be informative and helpful in your planning process.

Along with field trip ideas, there are plenty of resources online to assist you in organizing your own Fundraiser which will significantly cut the costs of the trip. Check out these ideas for some of the most successful fundraisers available for educators.

These resources only tap into the enormous database of helpful aid available in planning your next class trip. So eliminate any concerns you may have with organizing a trip and consider a Fall or Spring excursion for your student. Contact Appleseed for further ideas on your next trip or allow us to plan your full-service trip by calling us at (877) 889-7150 or by visiting


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