Teaching Environmental Awareness

Taking a hike through a forest, riding bikes on the coast, or observing dolphins in their natural habit are all opportunities to teach about conservation and have a little fun.

Though the concept of conservation may be simple for adults to understand, students benefit from first hand observation. It is our duty to take what we know and pass this on to our students. By teaching them to protect and manage our natural resources, we encourage them to be good caretakers of their own future. Basic conservation efforts will protect the future of our kids and future generations.

There are many ways to teach kids about conservation. Using a field trip to make it fun and exciting is an excellent mode to accomplish this. Take a bike ride and talk about how riding your bike to the park instead of driving saves fuel and other non-renewable resources. Take a nature hike and observe animals and plant life and the different ways we can protect and nurture them. A picnic is an opportunity to teach about eating sustainable food sources and the importance of picking up litter.

Set a good example. If your kids see you put conservation in action, they’ll be more likely to do it, too. Talk with your children about what recycling and show your kids how to recycle. Encourage empathy. Most kids take their unlimited supply of clean and available water for granted due to living in the US. Many countries are not fortunate to have such readily available water so teaching kids the importance of conserving water and doing our part to take care of what we are blessed with is impactful.

Get involved and encourage your students to get involved. Help them set up a recycling center at the school. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to the local animal shelter. Tap into whatever your child is interested in and support them as they work toward that cause. Explain to them why you participate in the causes you support. There may even by opportunities for you to volunteer together on a class trip. By participating together in community events that promote conservation, you help your child see the value of his contribution, and how it does make a difference.

Talk about responsibility. Teach them about the importance of taking efforts now as they will be responsible for what happens in the future. Encourage them to act responsibly and do the right thing by taking care of the planet. Repeat as necessary. Kids attention span is short. So you may have to repeat the message over and over. Just do it. The earth will thank you, and so will your kids, eventually.

Interested in taking a trip with Appleseed and giving back to the community and conserving our environment? Check out our blog to further explore the value in taking field trips or contact Appleseed with inquiries at (877) 889-7150 or by visiting http://www.AppleseedExpeditions.com.

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