Hidden Values in Student Travel

Appleseed Expeditions is excited about our student trips slated for this school year.  We are looking forward to inspiring students to use what they are learning in the classroom to positively impact our global communities.  It’s amazing how an educational trip with a certain academic focus can end up changing a student’s life in so many ways.  Students traveling to new areas are sure to obtain knowledge in a particular area of study that is just not obtainable in a classroom setting.  However, that can be just the beginning of what values a student comes away from the trip with! 


Student programs that contain a service component allow students to not only learn about a specific culture or ecosystem, but to develop an emotional tie or partnership as well.  For instance, on an Appleseed program to the Dominican Republic students will not only be exposed to the people and culture of San Cristobal, but be able to aid them through feeding programs, construction projects, mentoring children, spending time at an orphanage, and more.  The time spent working on these projects allows students to really become involved in the lives of those they are serving.  They develop a deeper understanding of the day-to-day life of the people in the local community.  As students sweat, laugh, and eat with the locals they build relationships.  This process can allow a student to discover a passion or strength they didn’t even realize they possess! 


Students begin to recognize a wide variety of skills and identify those that they are naturally good at and those that they need to work on.  Student trips expose them to circumstances that they may not have to face in their daily schedules.  This exposure really enhances their personal growth.  Appleseed’s programs and guides are in place to help the students discover these attributes and find a vision for their lives.  Our goal is to provide an environment in which students can learn about certain areas of academic focus as well as discover themselves!


For additional information regarding service-learning programs available to you please visit www.appleseedexpeditions.com.  


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